Benefits of Installing Wooden Blinds in Your Home

Natural wood blinds are among the oldest types of window coverings, and ‘vintage’ is almost always associated with richness. A room that looks cluttered and messy will take away from its elegance. As for wood blinds, they offer clear, simple lines that open up the space while providing privacy, controlling light exposure, and insulating. 


Wooden blinds are indeed expensive, as you would expect. Though they are more expensive than other types of blinds, they are still affordable. It is better to evaluate the price of something based on the value it provides, rather than by its price. 


Wooden blinds offer the following:


  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Design and colour versatility
  • Complete privacy
  • Durability
  • Low-maintenance
  • Superior light control

Wooden Blinds Are Great for Sliding Doors

Because of their versatility and wide range of styles and designs, blinds are popular for covering windows. Several blinds are great for sliding doors, but wooden blinds seem to be the most effective. They are easy to operate and look more elegant than any other type of blind. 


  • Due to their sturdy construction, they offer extra protection to your windows.
  • With wood blinds, you don’t have to worry about regular maintenance. Compared to other blinds and the material they’re made of, wood is easy to take care of. You just have to dust it now and then or wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • The key to these blinds is their versatility, not only in their construction but also in their design. Depending on what kind of look you want, you can select the appropriate wooden blind.
  • Privacy is what makes these blinds so great. While other types of blinds are completely see-through, wood is solid and gives you the ideal level of privacy.


Keep Your Wooden Blinds Looking Like New

It’s the ultimate betrayal to spend lots of money on something that breaks after a few months. It seems that businesses these days overpromise and underdeliver more often than not. Ultimately, it is the consumer who is left to pick up the pieces and foot the bill. Maintaining your blinds requires regular cleaning. As dust accumulates, it will become significantly more difficult to remove. 


Using your microfiber cloth, lightly dust the blinds after closing them. Dust can also be removed with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a soft brush attachment and low suction setting. Clean the back of the blinds the same way as you did the front. 


You might need to use a wet cloth for more difficult stains. Prepare a solution by mixing baking soda or dishwashing liquid with warm water. Make sure the cloth is not overly wet as moisture can damage your wooden blinds.